NICARAGUA Las Segovias La Bendicion


citrón, ríbezľa, mandarínka, pretrvávajúco šťavnatá
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Finca La Bendicion is located in the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range in the Northeast of the department of Nueva Segovia and sits at an elevation of approximately 1,300 meters. In total, the farm is 252 acres, with around 105 acres planted in coffee. Of those 130 acres in coffee, Luis grows the following varieties: Caturra, Red Catuai, Hybrids, Villa Sarchi, Pacamara, Maracaturra, H-3, Marselleza and Java. Finca La Bendición has a loose sandy soil, with abundant humus and has an annual rainfall of between 1,400 and 1,600mm. In addition, the farm has a rich biodiverse environment of fauna and flora, with an abundance of broad-leaved trees and conifer species. All of this together, creates for optimal coffee growing conditions. The care and processing that goes into every lot that is processed in this farm is second to none, with careful detail at every stage, starting with optimal cherry picking at the farm level. Washed coffees are dried for between 20-25 days, honeys 20-25 days and naturals, between 30-35 days! Luis won 1st place in the COE Nicaragua this year, with a natural from the same farm, but has placed in the past, including 25th place in 2015.

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1200 metrov nad morom

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Júl – November 2018

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