BRAZIL Alto Alegre Vera Lucia


jemné telo so sviežou kyslosťou, tóny marhúľ, melónov, lieskových orechov, broskýň a horkej čokolády
SCA: 85+

250 g

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Alto Alegre Coffees is a family run business that has been cultivating coffee since the 1850’s. The family operates a sharecropping policy with their employees. The total area is approximately 500 hectares with 90 hectares dedicated to coffee. The remaining area is used for beef cattle and grain and 70 hectares are occupied by natural forest which constitutes a permanent preservation area.

The estate of Alto Alegre Coffees is located in the south of Minas Gerais. At 1340m, it is one of the highest altitudes for coffee growing in Brazil. Their coffee is single estate and single variety. They are able to trace the coffee back to the trees it came from giving the consumer great traceability!

V hodnotení SCA dosiahla táto káva viac ako 85 bodov!

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1340 metrov nad morom

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Júl – November 2018